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The remote location at the eastern end of the Cuban island has kept the influence of mass tourism quite low, despite the idyllic location. Baracoa can be reached from Santiago de Cuba (4 hours) or by plane from Havana (2 hours). To the east the Fuerte Matachín (built in 1802) houses a museum (with lots of colourful Polimita snail shells among other things) and further east is a beach at the mouth of the River Miel. To the west the Fuerte La Punta (built in 1803) houses a restaurant, with a smaller beach next to it. And the third fort, El Castillo, on a steep hill with a commanding view of the town and both bays, is now Hotel El Castillo. The other hotels in Baracoa are Hotel Porto Santo, Hotel La Rusa, Hostal La Habanera and Villa Maguana. The Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Asunción houses the earrings of the Cruz de la Parra, a cross that Cali is supposed to have brought from Spain. Although it has been carbon dated to approximately that period, it is made from a local wood type, which means at least part of the story is not correct. There are two music venues near the central Parque Independencia, the touristy Flan de Queso and the more traditional Casa de la Flana.

Hotel El Castillo Baracoa Cuba

Hotel El Castillo Baracoa, City

FROM $34
The Hotel El Castillo is located on a hill that can be seen from anywhere in the city, with excellent views of Baracoa city and its surroundings.
Hotel Porto Santo Baracoa Cuba

Hotel Porto Santo Baracoa, City

FROM $34
The Hotel Porto Santo is located at one end of the Baracoa Bay, 3 km from the city, with excellent visuals of the Bay and the city
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