About Maria La Gorda

Located in the Guanahacabibes Biosphere Reserve, at the western most end of Cuba is María la Gorda (Mary the Fat) and Cabo San Antonio where divers can enjoy crystal-clear and warm waters at many dive sites. Visitors can admire the largest black coral reserve in the waters surrounding Cuba.

Many experts consider that the most special characteristic is the fact that divers can see black corals at a depth of 14 meters, as well as marine species such as barracudas and red snappers. Experts also consider that the seabed is among the top ten places in Latin America, due to its abundant marine life and extraordinarily beautiful corals. No domestic flights. Overland transfer time Havana Maria la Gorda 5 hours./ Cabo San Antonio 6 hours.

Hotel Maria La Gorda Cuba

Hotel Maria La Gorda Maria La Gorda, Beach

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Hotel Maria La Gorda designed especially for divers but is a wonderful option for echo tourists and vacationers looking for a quiet and isolated place
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