Cuba Select Travel offers two separate photography tours - IMAGES TAKEN and TAKING IMAGES. Each can be enjoyed as half day or full day tours. We are also able to combine the two, offering half a day of IMAGES TAKEN followed by a half day of TAKING IMAGES (or v.v.). Both tours will be led by an English speaking experienced professional Cuban photographer. 

  •  IMAGES TAKEN - Opening with an overview of Cuban photography - in its very particular social context - this tour will focus on iconic photographers/photos from the past and present. We are privileged to include a special visit to the home of Cuba´s most famous photographer, ALBERTO KORDA, where his daughter will talk about her father´s unique and historic contribution. (KORDA is specially known for his celebrated photos of Ché Guevara). There will also be visits to the studios of important contemporary photographers.   See below for more details.

  • TAKING IMAGES - Here the group concentrates on taking their own photos – with the help of our professional photographer. This work will take place in and around the capital, but we are also exploring the possibility of including the very beautiful area of Viñales – an area of stunning, natural beauty which includes World Heritage sites -2 ½ hours outside of Havana. (The latter option would incur extra travelling costs). See below for more details.

IMAGES TAKEN   This tour offers an in-depth look at the development of Cuban photography, most specifically from 1959 to the present day. We will take you into the personal studios of some of the island´s most important photographers in order to see, first hand, the nature and quality of work that was, and is, being achieved.

The Early Years -   Certain photographers played a very important role in the first two decades of the Cuban Revolution – the 1960/70´s - documenting the passion and intense activity of those early years. Names such as Ernesto Fernández Nogueras (1st Prize, Nacional de Artes Plásticas 2011), Raúl Corrales andRoberto Salas are key. We will briefly look at some of their most important work.

The highlight, however, is Korda. We offer you the unique privilege of visiting the home of Cuba´s most famous photographer - Alberto Korda – and to talk to his daughter, Diana. She will show us a documentary film about the work of her father – made a short time before his death - along with hundreds of older and priceless prints that cannot be seen elsewhere. Korda was the official photographer of the Cuban Revolution and many of his pictures – particularly of Che Guevara – have become some of the world´s most famous, iconic, images.

Contemporary - The work of contemporary photographers is often, still, concerned with social commentary, alongside more personal, reflective work. Many are graduates of Havana´s very fine Art School - Instituto Superior de Arte de La Habana – and are experimenting with a variety of forms and formats: huge prints, installations, mixed-media creations etc. to express their art.  Contemporary photographers have also found a place within the commercial art market, and certain artists are being bought and shown by important international curators and collectors.  Highly recommended is the visit to the studios of Carlos Garaicoa, Ernesto Javier Fernández. Lidzie Alvisa, Cirenaica Moreira, Liudmila y Nelson or René Peña,

TAKING IMAGES Havana is a hauntingly beautiful city, with an impressive and unique mix of architecture. Walking along the street you will find, side by side, houses from the Spanish colonial period, deco apartments from the 1930´s and American dreams from the 50´s. Old Havana is a World Heritage site and offers the visitor endless, extraordinary images. In less than five minutes, on any city street, you might see a classic 1956 Chevy, three people (plus huge, meringue, birthday cake) packed on the back of a small motorbike, a peanut seller, a horse and cart, a young couple trying out new dancing steps, or a Tai Chi class for older citizens in a local park.  

The island´s countryside is another world – from the lush, western tobacco fields of the Viñales area to the more mountainous area of the eastern Sierra Maestra (from where Fidel and his soldiers planned and fought the Revolution).

We are presently offering TAKING IMAGES based in the capital, Havana, but if groups are also interested in taking photographs in the country we can explore the possibility of a one-day or overnight stay in the beautiful, western valley of Viñales.

The focus will be on taking photographs with the help of a professional photographer. The activity is open to all – whether a beginner or a more experienced photographer. We find out what your main interests are, take you to those locations and offer any technical help that you might need. The idea is that you leave with the best quality images possible.

TAKING IMAGES includes a feedback session where participants have the chance to share experiences, discuss any points/problems and ask advice.   



Half day - 10h00- 14h00 - Visit to 4 studios.

Full day - 10h00 -17h30 (lunch not included) – Visit to 6 studios. 


Session one: Early light - 07h00-09h00 or 06h30- 09h30.   

Session two: Afternoon light - 17h00 or 18h00 to sunset.