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About Hotel El Castillo

The Hotel El Castillo (The Castle Hotel) is located on a hill that can be seen from anywhere in the city, with excellent views of Baracoa city and its surroundings. The hotel is a historical place, built in 1737 to 1742, when it was a Spanish fortress called “Ceboruco Castle, or Santa Barbara Castle”.

This fortress was built to defend the city from pirates and corsairs attacks, and then went to be a police headquarters until the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

The Hotel El Castillo offers accommodations, foods a la carte with a varied offer of local typical dishes, snacks, national and international drinks, what makes it an ideal place for the healthy recreation, and is very close to the Baracoa city.

Hotel El Castillo - Standard - 1


Note:This room category is only available now on request.

The hotel has 62 rooms in 2 blocks, 2 story each. All the rooms have air-conditioning, private bathroom, satellite TV, safe and telephone. There are 110 V standard outlets (Transfo...

  • A la carte restaurant
  • Snack bar
  • Shop
  • Car hire
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children Swimming Pool
  • Motorbike rental

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