Dining is an important part of an event that is why we select some of the best restaurants providing both local and international cuisine.

Whether on property or dining out we make that extra effort to add value and interest to mark an event as a memorable experience.

Palatial dining

Recommended would be an exclusive evening of cocktails, canapés and gourmet cuisine at a mansion while the sun sets over Havana Bay.

Tastefully decorated tables with flowers and candles, live music and fashion show. Printed host company place menu cards provided.

Royal dining

Dine on the patio of the elegant El Patio Restaurant, previously a palatial residence of Creole royalty. Located in the romantic Cathedral Plaza, the property transforms your guests to a more stately time.

Gala Night Beach Party

A refined finale to an event in Cuba is our signature Gala Dinner, set on a beach under the stars dining on fresh lobsters and succulent steaks. Tastefully decorated with flowers and candles, and animated by musical accompaniment. The evening could be themed with participants choosing to wear togas.

Dining at a film set

La Guarida, the most popular Paladar (private owned restaurant), frequented by the Queen of Spain, Jack Nicholson, Beyonce and others. Located on the top floor of an old colonial building which is still occupied by Cuban families. It was the setting for the famous Cuban film ‘Strawberry & Chocolate’