Travellers from around the world are welcome and only need a Tourist Visa Card (Tarjeta de Visado). , valid for 30 days which can be extended for another 30 days, to enter the country available from Cuban Consulate, travel operator/travel agent or airline (some travellers are exempt from needing visas and you would need to check this with the Cuban Consulate in your country). Canadians are entitled to have a tourist card valid for 90 days

The tourist card is a fill-it-out-yourself card or filled out by the provider of the card which you present to the Cuban Immigration officer. A card is valid ONLY for leisure or recreational purposes. It is not valid for other travel purposes. You will be refused boarding of the plane without a valid card.

To renew the tourist card you need to go to an Immigration office in Cuba with CUC 25 worth of stamps (buy at a Banco Metropolitano) and your documents. This is a straightforward process but can take time, especially in Havana, due to long queues.

In Canada, Mexico, Bahamas and Panama you can generally simply buy a tourist card at the airport desk or through a travel agent there. In Europe in general you cannot purchase a tourist card at the airport, however check this with your airline.

The visa should have the name of the first hotel that travellers will be staying at and the Cuban Immigration authority ask that travellers book at least the first 3 nights hotel accommodation.

Passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival and name on passport should be the same as on flight tickets and card. Providers of cards may need to see a copy of your passport photo page.

The cost of the visa can vary, for example, if you purchase the visa from the Cuban Consulate in the UK it will cost you £15. It may cost the same or more in other countries. Some tour operators/travel agents or airlines may charge you an administration fee. Air Canada use to give passengers free cards onboard the aircraft, however check this with the airline.

If after trying to obtain the card from any of the above providers you still have any problems obtaining a card please let us know and we will see if we can assist you on how to obtain this card by emailing us at

If you already have a visa and have arrived in Cuba and lost the visa the Cuban Immigration authority can make an exception and provide you with a new visa which you will have to pay for.