An excellent guided day excursion to see some of the Cuba’s beautiful nature.

In the early morning a drive west of Havana to the province of Pinar del Rio and  to Las Terrazas, a unique biosphere mountain community.

​You will hear about its history and see some of highlights of this beautiful reserve and have lunch at a farmer’s house which specializes in charcoal grilled chicken and pork.

Continue on the ‘Ruta del Tabaco’ and onto experience the panoramic view of Valle de Vinales from the Mirador Los Jazmines overlooking the Viñales Valley with its spectacular limestone rock formations known as Mogotes rising almost vertically from the valley floor which is a patchwork of fertile plantations still ploughed by oxen and tobacco drying houses with steep sided palm roofs.

​You drive through the picturesque country town of Viñales passing classic cars and horse drawn carts on your way to the Mural de Prehistoria where a history of evolution is painted in bright colours on the side of a Mogotes. Viñales is well known for a large network of caves and you can visit one of these beautiful caverns. The most common cave to visit is the Indian’s Cave, Cueva del Indio, which involves a gentle walk and boat ride on a subterranean river.