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Hotel Palacio Marques de San Felipe Havana City Cuba

Hotel Palacio Marques de San Felipe Havana City, City

FROM $67
Hotel Palacio Marques de San Felipe behind almost every Old Havana façade there are surprises and wonders hiding.
Hotel Nacional Havana City Cuba

Hotel Nacional Havana City, City

FROM $178
Hotel Nacional de Cuba, opened on December 30, 1930 is one of the most traditional and emblematic hotels in Havana.
Hotel Saratoga Havana City Cuba

Hotel Saratoga Havana City, City

FROM $271
The Hotel Saratoga dates back to 1879, and was then located right across from Fraternity Park, at the time known as Campo de Marte
Hotel Santa Isabel Havana City Cuba

Hotel Santa Isabel Havana City, City

FROM $105
Hotel Santa Isabel a palace built for the Havana aristocracy (who must have known the first three rules of real estate.
Hotel E Royalton Bayamo Cuba

Hotel E Royalton Bayamo, City

FROM $41
Hotel E Royalton this facility of the 1940’s, is a favorite for its excellent combination of lodging and good food.
Hotel Florida Havana City Cuba

Hotel Florida Havana City, City

FROM $81
Behind its 4-meter (or so) carved wooden doors, Hotel Florida is a world apart.
Hotel Terral Havana City Cuba

Hotel Terral Havana City, City

FROM $45
One of the newest properties in the Habaguanex S.A. chain, the Hotel Terral, opened in May 2012, is superbly located just steps from Havana
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