The purchaser of services is hereafter referred as the Client Caribbean Select Travel Ltd and its subsidiaries, is hereafter referred to as the Agent with the fulfilment of travel and tour arrangements. The Client will be offered services such as land, air or sea transportation, hotel accommodation, cruises, yacht charters, food and beverages, excursions and activities, car rental, tour guides and other services hereafter referred to as the Arrangements in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The term Property is used to describe hotels, villas, apartments, penthouses and any land based accommodation. The term Vessel is used to describe cruise ships, yachts and any marine craft.

Making Bookings

Bookings can be made by the Client by email. A booking request by telephone should be confirmed in writing by email by the Client. The Agent will acknowledge receipt of the booking request followed by notifying the Client of availability, program itinerary, cost schedule and terms of payment. Should the Client wish to proceed with the booking the Agent will issue a Proforma Invoice.

Client Numbers, Days and Services

The total amount of Clients who will participate in the Arrangements as well as the number of days and nights and other services within the Arrangements will be established in the program itinerary and cost schedule with the total cost in the Proforma Invoice.

Price of Arrangements and Terms of Payment

The cost which are notified by the Agent to the Client are payable to the Agent in advance and no later than the date stated in the Proforma invoice. In the event of any additional payments due that occur at the destination, that are not included in the final Proforma Invoice, it remains the responsibility of the Client to settle those payments in cash at the destination.

The provision of the Arrangements will be subject to payments being received in the Agent’s designated bank account following the receipt by the Client of the Agents’ Proforma Invoice. If the Client has not paid the required payments as specified by the prescribed dates, the Agent reserves itself the right to cancel the Arrangements without any chance of reverting the situation. If applicable, the Agent will apply the Cancellation and Alteration conditions.

The costs indicated are established in relation to the existing economic conditions. Any alterations of the economic conditions particularly the cost of fuel, taxes and fees, exchange rates, and the like; relative to the services offered in respect of the Arrangements will naturally lead to an alteration of the prices.

Costs expressed and the currency for transfers will be in the currency of the Clients’ country of origin where possible. All bank transfer charges and bank commissions should be paid by the Client. A copy of the bank transfer document should be faxed to the Agent, or scanned and emailed to the Agent within 24 hrs of sending the transfer. Payments are to be made by bank to bank electronic or telegraphic transfer, details of the Agents banks will be sent together with the Proforma Invoice.

Payments by check should be sent to the Agents’ office address.

Payments can also be made by credit or debit card and the Agent will advise the Client how to make such payments. Different deposit and payment schedules may apply to group bookings, cruises and yacht charters and these will be advised by the Agent to the Client by way of separate notifications.

International flights, internal flights, cruises and yacht charters

Clients’ are subject to the conditions and regulations as imposed by the air and marine carriers and it is the responsibility of the Client to make themselves aware of those conditions and regulations. Likewise, the Client must ensure that he/she is aware of the check-in time, flight or vessel number or name, flight departure time or vessel embarkation time, air or sea port and terminal. In the case of local yacht charters Clients’ need to see the Yacht Charter Conditions and Requirements as detailed on the Yacht Charter page of this website. The Agent cannot be held liable where the Client does not adhere to the aforementioned.

Client Details (Rooming/Berthing List)

The Clients’ details (also known as Rooming/Berthing List) should be sent to the Agent and must contain the Clients’ full names, nationalities and passport numbers including any special needs or dietary requirements. In the case of children their dates of birth should also be sent to the Agent. The final list of the Clients must be communicated to the Agent no later than the date as specified by the Agent.

Arrangement Exclusions

The services included in the Arrangements are only those as specified in the Programme Itinerary, and any other notifications as provided to the Client by the Agent. In principle, The Agent will not make refunds if the Client chooses not to use any of the services within the Arrangements.

The following items are not included in the Arrangements unless specified otherwise:

  • International flights unless included in the Arrangements.
  • Internal flights unless included in the Arrangements.
  • Airport Departure Tax.
  • Services at the airport(s) or seaport(s) that are not mentioned as included in the Arrangements.
  • Laundry, telephone charges, additional meals and drinks, and any other expenses of a personal nature.
  • Food and beverages that are not mentioned as included in the Arrangements.
  • Tourist Visa Card (tourist visa).
  • Travel and Medical Insurance.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Gratuities.
  • Vessel shore excursions unless specified as included.
  • Independent activities for reasons of the Clients’ own choosing.
  • Additional charges for Property or Vessel extensions such as late check-out or extra nights, upgrade to alternative Property or Vessel, or class of room or cabin, changing from a plan where meals are not included to a plan with additional meals.
  • Extra staff and tour guide hours not contracted in the Arrangements.
  • Any additional services not contracted in the Arrangements.


Bed or berth type and smoking preferences are cannot always be guaranteed. Accommodation is usually available at the Property from 16.00 hours on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 12.00 hours on the day of departure. The reservation is guaranteed for late arrival.

Vessel embarkation and disembarkation times will be notified to the Client separately by the Agent or third party supplier.

The number of guests in each room or cabin is limited to the number of beds provided by the Property or Vessel. If the number of persons arriving at the Property or Vessel is different to the one selected during the reservation process, or children are not of the age required to classify as such in terms of rates/discounts (see 'Children'), additional charges will apply, payable directly to the Property or Vessel by the client subject to the acceptance of such by the Property or Vessel operator.

In the event of the third party provider overselling its accommodation, the Agent will endeavour to negotiate with the third party supplier that the Client’s booking be honoured; otherwise the third party supplier will be expected to relocate the Client to a different Property or Vessel of equal standard or superior standard.

If any foreseen construction work becomes necessary at the Property or Vessel, or in the vicinity preventing access to the Property or Vessel, following being advised by the third party supplier the Agent will advise the Client, quantifying the disruption to the Clients and the third party supplier will be responsible for any additional costs incurred to ensure that the Clients experience is not affected (including relocating to a Property or Vessel of equal standard or superior standard).


In case the schedules imposed by the international air carrier or international marine carriers result in shortening or prolonging the Arrangements the Client will be responsible for any extra costs for alterations to the Arrangements and any cancellation and alteration penalties. The alteration of airports or seaports by the international air carrier or international marine carrier does not allow room for reimbursement. The costs that derive from transferring, taking taxis, coaches and the like are to be paid by the Client.

The Agent cannot be held responsible for any delays of any transportation within the destination which derives in the non-presentation of the Client at the designated arrival or departure time or day. If alternative transportation has to be arranged as a result of the aforementioned the Client will be responsible for paying any extra costs involved for alterations to the Arrangements and any cancellation and alteration penalties.

The responsibility of the air, land and marine carriers in the destination enrolled in the Arrangements proposed by the Agent as well as that of their third party suppliers, their representatives and their employees is limited exclusively to: compensations, complaints or reclamations of every nature in accordance with what is stated in their conditions of transport.

In the case whereby the Clients chooses to make their own private transportation arrangements in the destination the Agent assumes no responsibility of any kind for those arrangements.

Where the third party supplier provides transportation services, the third party supplier will ensure that it conforms to the minimum requirements of the country’s regulations, including safety regulations.

It could be that drivers of transportation need to make stops in route for sustenance, ablutions and toileting. It is also expected that the driver also allows the same opportunity for Clients. In addition, and for reasons of safety the driver may need to make stops in route for short rest periods. Also, local safety regulations dictate that drivers should not drive continuously for more than 8 (eight) hours.

Excursions and Activities

It could happen that for a number of reasons the excursions and/or activities provided in the Arrangements could be altered, without altering the essence of the Arrangements. The Client will be notified with anticipation every time possible; and will be offered a service within the same category as the one previously proposed or of a higher standard.

Food and Beverages

Where food and beverages are included in the Arrangements those food and beverages maybe subject to alteration due to seasonal variations and availability of products and the Agent or third party suppliers cannot be held responsible for such alterations. The Client must advise the Agent of any special diets no later than 7 (seven) working days prior to the arrival of the Client at the destination. The Agent will endeavour to arrange such special diets with the third party suppliers but cannot be held responsible where such special diets are not available.

Tour Guides

Arrangements which specify the language to be spoken by tour guides, this service will be provided as a general rule and subject to availability. The tour guides shall ensure the safety of the Client and the smooth operation of the Arrangements and the Client shall follow the instructions of the tour guides. Hours during which the tour guide renders services shall, in principle, be from 08:00 to 22:00 or where the Arrangements include extension of these hours. Any additional hours not agreed with the Agent will be subject to the availability of tour guides and the extra cost of such will be charged to the Client.

Tour guides shall not accompany Clients on personal individual activities that are not part of the Arrangements. Clients joining such activities will be responsible for procuring the desired services after being provided with any necessary documentation by the Agent. The Client, shall pay the cost incurred when he/she asks for the personal accompaniment of a tour guide or other staff for such purposes as guiding, shopping, general assistance or similar, and such arising from Client injury or illness, the return of the Clients’ lost baggage or articles left behind owing to personal negligence, as well as alterations incurred by the Clients’ independent activity. Such personal accompaniment to be agreed by the Agent and subject to the availability of a tour guide or staff member. Clients shall accept all responsibility for decisions regarding individual purchases at souvenir shops or other types of shops even when said shops are introduced by the Agent or tour guides.

Identification, management and care of luggage and valuables

The Client should ensure that all luggage is properly labelled for easy identification to include Clients’ name, destination country and Property or Vessel name prior to the Client arriving at the destination. The safekeeping of luggage will be the responsibility of the Client and to make any necessary claims for lost, delayed or damaged luggage and personal items directly with the service provider. Normally no charge will be made for the storage of property. Should the Property or Vessel operator charge for storage it will be the responsibility of the Client to pay such charges. It is agreed that the Property or Vessel operator shall not be liable for loss or damage to stored property, caused by negligence of the Property or Vessel operator or its employees or by water damage, fire, theft or any other cause. Valuables have to be placed in the in-room or cabin safes or in the safes of the reception or other means provided by the Property or Vessel operator.

Untoward Occurrences

The performance of the Arrangements are subject to the following occurrences as specified below which may make it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible to conduct all or part of the Arrangements. It is provided that all or part of the Arrangements may be terminated or altered for any one of such occurrences. In no event shall the Agent be liable for consequential damages of any nature or for any reason whatsoever.

  • Case of force majeure: natural or nuclear disaster, industrial disputes, adverse weather conditions, flood, fire, terrorist activity, civil strife, war or threat of war, riot, seismic activity, epidemics, governmental orders and the like.
  • Delay of land, sea or air carriers.
  • Alteration of times at airports, train stations, bus stations or seaports.
  • Failure of Clients to arrive at the destination as specified in the Arrangements.

The Agent, where possible, will notify the Client of any National festivities, civil or religious events or hazards that might affect the Arrangements and what has been described to the Client constitutes the rule; however, the Clients might have to endure certain exceptions and may alter the Arrangements. The Agent will inform the Client as soon as these events are known and will make every endeavour to make alterations to the Arrangements accordingly. The Agent will not be called upon or held liable in anyway in these cases.

If the Agent is obliged by reason of force majeure or for any other reason outside the Agent’s reasonable control to alter any component of a Clients’ programme itinerary the Agent shall inform the affected Client of the alteration and explain the reason for it at the earliest possible opportunity.

The Agent reserves itself the right to cancel any Arrangements, revise or alter its contents and services in the event of untoward occurrences.

Alterations of Clients Arrangements

Where the Agent is obliged to alter Arrangements outside the Agent’s reasonable control the Agent will use its best endeavours to ensure that the alteration causes the least possible disruption to the Clients’ enjoyment of his/her Arrangements. To this end, the Agent will consider and implement alternative and less disruptive alterations and advise the Client accordingly.

The Agent reserves the right to take necessary measures for the safety and smooth operations of the Arrangements where certain services are deemed impossible, or when there is valid reason to believe that the Arrangements cannot continue. In such cases, the Agent will explain in a timely manner its inability to function under the circumstances. However, said explanation may be made after revisions are made when conditions demand.

The Client must inform the Agent of any revisions, alterations or cancellations regardless of its causes.

Liability, Accountability and Responsibility

The Agent acts as an intermediary between the Client and the third party suppliers for the purposes of negotiating, contracting and acquisition of services with third party suppliers. The Agent does not own, operate or provide in anyway any land, air or marine transportation, any Property or Vessel, restaurants and the like, or any services related to those services. The Agent’s liability is limited only to claims of the administration of bookings, meaning the receipt and processing of bookings from Clients and the assignment of bookings to third party suppliers.

The Agent shall have public liability insurance cover suitable to the nature of their business and/or services and will indemnify Clients in accordance with the insurance conditions.

After the start of the Arrangements, if the Client should find that any of the Arrangements provided is different from that specified; the Client should report the discrepancy to the Agent immediately.

All or part of the Arrangements cannot be reimbursed if the Client does not show up on time in the place required at the set time for whatever reasons (independently of his/her will) and will be subject to the Cancellation and Alteration conditions.

If the Client does not produce the necessary documents for the Arrangements (passport, visas, medical insurance, vaccination certificates and the like) he /she will may not be able to participate in the Arrangements, and/or should the Client not be permitted to enter the destination or have to leave the destination any costs involved will be the responsibility for the Client to pay and no reimbursement will be allowed.

No reimbursement will be granted in case the Client decides to alter the nature of the Arrangements at the destination and will be subject to the Cancellation and Alteration conditions.

The Agent may refuse the participation in any or all of the Arrangements of Clients if it determines that he/she acts in a manner that inconveniences or interferes with the activities of other Clients and/or the Agent’s staff or the third party supplier’s staff and the smooth operation of the Arrangements.

The Clients must abide by the laws and regulations of the destination. Any acts by the Client which contravene these laws and regulations will be the liability of the Client and the Agent will not be held accountable in any way for those acts. The Agent will endeavour to provide necessary assistance for the Clients from the authorities and the Clients’ national embassy in these cases. Any cost involved in such assistance by the Agent, any penalties imposed by the authorities or charges made by the Clients’ national embassy will be the responsibility of the Client to pay, discharge or otherwise deal with.

The Client shall indemnify the Agent for losses sustained owing to the Client’s wilful negligence, illegal acts, conduct against public order and the like , or breach of the Terms and Conditions.

The Client is required to make every effort to utilize information acquired from the Agent and to understand the details of the Clients’ rights and responsibilities as well as the details of the Arrangements and the Terms and Conditions.

Health Control Standards, Medical Care and Mobility

The Agent is not to be held responsible in case the Client is not capable of meeting the health control standards established by the destination authorities. It is the obligation of the Client to inform themselves of these formalities.

Clients who require special attention from the Agent during the Arrangements for reason of ill-health or disability shall advise the Agent of this when applying to join the Arrangements. The Agent shall comply with such requests to the extent deemed feasible and reasonable. In such cases, the Agent may require the Client to present a medical certificate or other supporting documentation. The Agent may refuse a Client's application if conditions at the destination and facilities are such that safe, smooth operation cannot be guaranteed, or require the Client to be accompanied by an escort.

If it is determined that any Client needs medical diagnosis, care or treatment by a medical professional owing to illness, functional disease or other reasons during the Arrangements, the Agent shall take measures necessary to assist the Client and at the same time maintain the smooth operation of the Arrangements. All costs resulting from such measures shall be borne by the Client.

Should the Client require the use of wheelchairs at the airport or seaport, the Client must notify the Agent at least 72 (seventy two) hours in advance of the Clients’ arrival and departure. In the case whereby a Client requires a mobility room or cabin at the Property or Vessel the Client needs to notify the Agent at the time of presenting the clients’ details, the Agent will advise the Client if such rooms or cabins are available. If tour buses do not have the service to load wheelchairs into the passenger seating area, in this case the Clients will be assisted to seat in the bus and the wheelchair will be stowed in the luggage compartment providing the wheelchair is collapsible.


Infants up to 1 year 11 months: free of charge. Children rates (normally 50% discount) apply for ages 2 - 11 years, and only when sharing room with two adults. Children 2-11 years sharing room with 1 adult must be booked as adults (double/twin room). Children 12 years and older must always be booked as adults.

The parents or guardians are obliged to have in their possession the children’s documents, in order; and it is their responsibility to inform themselves of the requirements and with the administrative authorities (all the expenses will be undertaken by the respective parents or guardians). The Agent cannot accept the inclusion of a child to travel by himself/herself. The Agent cannot be held responsible in case, even though it is forbidden, that a minor is included in the Arrangements without the Agent’s knowledge.

Where the Property or Vessel is for Adults Only children cannot be booked at the Property or Vessel and will not be allowed to enter the Property or board the Vessel.


For reasons of hygiene and security, animals (pets) are not allowed to be included in the Arrangements unless previously notified, agreed by all parties concerned and comply with the destination laws and regulations.

Cancellations and Alterations by the Client

After acceptance of the booking if the Client cancels or alters the Arrangements, or does not pay any required deposits or balances of the Arrangement costs by the prescribed time, the Agent reserves itself the right to apply cancellation or alteration fees as listed below as a percentage of the Arrangement cost, unless the Agent has advised the Client of any different cancellation and alteration conditions which may be imposed by third party suppliers.

Individual Clients – For no more than 14 Clients:

  • More than 30 days prior to arrival no forfeit of deposit.
  • 30 to 16 days prior to the arrival forfeit of deposit.
  • 15 to 8 days prior to arrival 50% of total invoiced amount.
  • 7 to 3 days prior to arrival 75% of total invoiced amount.
  • 2 to 0 days prior to arrival 100 % of total invoiced amount.

Groups – For groups of 15 or more Clients:

  • 65 days prior to arrival no penalty fees.
  • 64 to 35 days prior arrival 15% of total invoiced amount.
  • 34 to 20 days prior to arrival 35% of total invoiced amount.
  • 19 to 8 days prior to arrival 60% of total invoiced amount.
  • 7 to 0 days prior to arrival 100% of total invoiced amount.

    The Agent will, however consider any exceptional circumstances that the Client advises the Agent of which has caused the Client to cancel or alter the Arrangements, and depending on those circumstances the Agent may amend its cancellation and/or alteration fees accordingly subject to also any third party suppliers agreeing as a measure of the Agents’ goodwill. The Agent reserves itself the right to deny any claims in this respect and the Agent’s decision will be final.

    The Cancellation and Alteration conditions also apply to Vessels, unless different cancellation and alteration conditions apply which are notified separately.


    We strongly advise travellers to take out travel and medical insurance to cover the cost of cancellation and other risks including personal accident, personal public liability. Medical insurance maybe compulsory to enter some destinations and the Client is responsible to be aware of any entry regulations.


    Should the Client have any complaint about the Arrangements or express any dissatisfaction whatsoever, the Client should contact the Agent immediately and later forward such in writing with supporting evidence to the Agent to enable the Agent to fully investigate such complaints and respond accordingly. The Agent will take all possible steps to resolve such complaints amicably after the Agent has before it all the necessary supporting information and documentation. In the event that the Agent offers a Client compensation as a result of their complaint, such compensation will be accepted by the Client in full and final settlement of the Clients’ claim.


    To guarantee that any reimbursements, such as refunds or compensation, be regarded as admissible it must be transmitted to the Agent by the Client in writing and duly signed by the Client and sent either by hand delivery, by mail or courier service at the Clients’ cost and must be accompanied by all the elements justifying such a demand within a period no longer than 30 (thirty) days after the Clients departure from the destination. Some mail services can take a long time to reach its destination and the Client must check if the document(s) will arrive in the specified time as aforementioned.

    If for any given reason the Client cancels or alters any part of the Arrangements on the spot at the destination no reimbursement will be admitted.

    Where deposits, cancellation, alteration and administration fees are applied the remaining payments received from the Client will be reimbursed by way of holding on account a credit for payment of future Arrangements. If the payments are not enough to cover these deposits and fees, the Agent shall charge the difference separately to the Client.

    Service Satisfaction

    The Agent will acknowledge any new request and will communicate to the Client regarding who will be responding and when the response will be provided. Prior to submitting its response, the Agent commits to quality checking the information it is sending to ensure it is accurate, and answers all elements of the request, however the Agent cannot be held responsible for any omissions or errors.

    The Agent will have in place policies and procedures and will adopt due diligence and best practice in the course of its business and activities which will also include the observance of local health and safety standards and the preparation of risk assessments.

    24 hour Duty Phone Service

    The Agent will provide the Client with a duty telephone number that the Client may contact any time 24 hours each day if they experience any untoward occurrences or emergencies in respect of the Arrangements.

    Intellectual Property

    Any ideas, images, creativity, wording, theming or content put in place by the Agent remains the intellectual property of the Agent.

    Settlement of Disputes

    Should any disputes or discords arise on account of improper implementation or non-implementation of these Terms and Conditions; the parties take whatever action is necessary to settle the matter by way of negotiations or arbitration. In the case the matter is not settled by way of negotiations or arbitration, it should be put forward to the court of jurisdiction.