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The capital of Cuba since 1607, Havana (La Habana) is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the Caribbean, and one of the most enchanting and fascinating cities in the world. With a population of over two million it has been through major upheavals since it was founded in 1519, with revolutions and uprisings leading to a large number of its beautiful buildings being left to decay over the years.

Now many of these buildings are being restored and the city is alive with music, dancing and fine museums. Old Havana, the historic centre of the city, preserves a wealth of Spanish Colonial architecture and has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. American novelist Ernest Hemingway, who lived there for the last 22 years of his life, said in terms of beauty, only Venice and Paris surpassed Havana‘s charm.

During the Prohibition era of the 1920‘s, Havana became a very popular holiday centre for Americans with nightclubs and gambling rampant up until 1959 and the revolution.

Hotel Nacional Havana City Cuba

Hotel Nacional Havana City, City

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Hotel Nacional de Cuba, opened on December 30, 1930 is one of the most traditional and emblematic hotels in Havana.
Hotel Melia Cohiba Havana City Cuba

Hotel Melia Cohiba Havana City, City

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Opened in 1994, the Hotel Melia Cohiba was built with the latest technology so it is considered as an intelligent building. Its location in Havana
save 25% Hotel Iberostar Parque Central Havana City Cuba

Hotel Iberostar Parque Central Havana City, City

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The elegant 5-star Hotel Iberostar Parque Central is located in central Havana, Cuba.
save 24% Hotel Saratoga Havana City Cuba

Hotel Saratoga Havana City, City

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The Hotel Saratoga dates back to 1879, and was then located right across from Fraternity Park, at the time known as Campo de Marte
Hotel Santa Isabel Havana City Cuba

Hotel Santa Isabel Havana City, City

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Hotel Santa Isabel a palace built for the Havana aristocracy (who must have known the first three rules of real estate.
Hotel Florida Havana City Cuba

Hotel Florida Havana City, City

FROM $81
Behind its 4-meter (or so) carved wooden doors, Hotel Florida is a world apart.
Hotel Comodoro Havana City Cuba

Hotel Comodoro Havana City, City

FROM $40
Hotel Comodoro located on the Miramar residential district of Cuba’s capital, just a few minutes from Old Havana.
Hotel Riviera Havana City Cuba

Hotel Riviera Havana City, City

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Perhaps no hotel in Havana retains the swing and flavor of the 1950s as well as the Hotel Riviera.
Hotel Inglaterra Havana City Cuba

Hotel Inglaterra Havana City, City

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The Hotel Inglaterra opened in 1875 and has been one of the preferred hotels in the heart of downtown Havana ever since.
Hotel Plaza Havana City Cuba

Hotel Plaza (Havana) Havana City, City

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Designed over 100 years ago, Hotel Plaza has a peculiar conical triangle shape, adding to its allure.
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