Fabulous musical and cultural festival that includes performances and workshops, and in which the richness of diversity is highlighted. With difference as a source of inspiration and music as an engine of progress, HWM intends to open a window of Cuba to the world and the world to Cuba, promoting the musical collaboration among artists from very different backgrounds and styles, offering unrepeatable concerts to audiences. After two editions, HWM has established itself as one of the most important festivals in the country and attracts thousands of young Cubans as well as international visitors.

The HWM 2017 Lineup:

  • Madcon (Norway)
  • Systema Solar (Colombia)
  • Havana d’Primera (Cuba)
  • La Flota (X Alfonso, David & Ernesto Blanco, Yissi) (Cuba)
  • Lindigo (FR) / David Torrens (CU) / Wesli (HA/CA)
  • Daymé Arozena (Cuba)
  • Mexican Dubwiser (Mexico)
  • Nightlosers (Romania)
  • Nomadic Massive (Canada)
  • La Trovuntivitis (Cuba)
  • Speed Caravan (Algeria/France)
  • Lady Moscow (Norway)