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Hotel Memories Miramar Havana City Cuba

Hotel Memories Miramar Havana City, City

FROM $114
Hotel Memories Miramar overlooking the sea and in the heart of the luxurious Miramar residential area, ten minutes from colonial Havana
Hotel Iberostar Daiquiri Cayo Guillermo Cuba

Hotel Iberostar Daiquiri Cayo Guillermo, Beach

FROM $59
The Hotel Iberostar Daiquiri iis a 4 star All-Inclusive hotel in Cayo Guillermo, located on the Caribbean, in the Northern part of the island of Cuba.
Hotel Conde de Villanueva Havana City Cuba

Hotel Conde de Villanueva Havana City, City

FROM $81
The Hotel Conde de Villanueva offers nine rooms behind its merry red and green façade in the heart of Havana's historic district.
Hotel Los Jazmines Viñales Cuba

Hotel Los Jazmines Viñales, Countryside

FROM $58
Hotel Los Jazmines with a fabulous view out over the Valley of Viñales, declared by UNESCO as part of world cultural heritage site. Ideal for family.
Hotel La Ermita Viñales Cuba

Hotel La Ermita Viñales, Countryside

FROM $54
Hotel La Ermita huge parking lot receives tourists coming by bus or rental car, anxious to get a bird’s eye view of Viñales Valley
Hotel Rancho San Vicente Viñales  Cuba

Hotel Rancho San Vicente Viñales, Countryside

FROM $54
Hotel Rancho San Vicente located at the San Vicente Valley, Pinar del Río Province, in western Cuba. A perfect place for enjoying natural enviroment.
Hotel Los Caneyes Santa Clara Cuba

Hotel Los Caneyes Santa Clara, Countryside

FROM $36
Hotel Los Caneyes a great place for family vacations, honeymoons. It is also the hotel closest to the Ernesto Che Guevara Monument.
Hotel Villa Las Brujas Cayo Santa Maria Cuba

Villa Las Brujas Cayo Santa Maria, Beach

FROM $41
Villa Las Brujas is named after Las Brujas, one of the keys of Jardines del Rey archipelago in the northeast part of Villa Clara province
Hotel Beltran de Santa Cruz Havana City

Hotel Beltran de Santa Cruz Havana City, City

FROM $65
The boutique Hotel Beltran de Santa Cruz – the former mansion of a marquis – would make the perfect setting for a film set in the 18th or 19th century
Hotel Playa Larga Cuba

Hotel Playa Larga Playa Larga, Beach

FROM $27
Hotel Playa Larga located in Playa Larga beach, one of the loveliest beaches on the southern coast of Cuba.
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